Beijing & The Rejection Of International Norms

The rise of Communist China has implications regarding how China identifies both itself and the role of hegemony as it engages the West throughout the South Pacific.  We are witnessing a very broad transformation that will continue to play out regardless of how Washington behaves.  Sadly, the West can no longer command the political, diplomatic or economic ground that it has dominated for decades.

Dr. Jamie F. Metzl is the Executive Vice President of the Asia Society in New York, his recent lecture admonishing Beijing’s flagrant political posture regarding its handling of Liu Xiaobo (Nobel winner Oct. 2010) bespeaks a deadly earnest posture demonstrating a rising Marxian leadership unencumbered by the very liberty it has embraced in its hegemonic rise.

No one should be alarmed by such hypocrisy!  How else do absolutist regimes act except through the prism of expansion!  What Dr. Metzl understates is the philosophical foundation that underwrote the success of the West:  Natural Law Philosophy backed by serious political leadership.  This is the theological and anthropological ground upon which human rights rests.  This is the gift that the West has given a Sinic Empire.

How ought we to read China?

Leaders in Beijing view absolute national sovereignty as the key to national cohesiveness!  I have written extensively on this throughout this blog found under the category ‘China’.  Nevertheless, Beijing remained prostrate to Japan in World War II, currently it fears secessionist movements in Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan.

The very concept of Chinese sovereignty stands in sharp contrast to the norms governing the West.  Witness the violent protection Beijing gave to the Bashir government in Sudan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and East Africa.  We are witnessing the growing embrace that Beijing has accustomed itself as an hegemonic leader.  What does this mean for international human rights regime?

Simple.  Its dead!

Absent American leadership, the entire international human rights regime cannot act as a bulwark against any Marxian government.

Let me quote Dr. Metzl, “this means that those unlucky souls around the world who find their rights massively abused by their own governments can, thanks largely to both China and a weak American Executive, little or no help from foreign states.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn where are you?


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