Walter Russell Mead & The Flight of African American’s Out Of New York

Walter Russell Mead has recently written of the flight of tens of thousands of African Americans out of Michigan, Chicago and New York to seek better lives for themselves in the American South.  Blacks are fleeing stagnant job growth, confiscatory taxation and rotten social conditions of mostly blue northern states.  As of March 27, 2011 the U.S. Census Bureau reported a staggering 18% exodus.   This is astonishing especially after a century of trailblazing social policy beginning with Johnson’s Great Society Program.

The absolute failure of benevolent government to acknowledge the intellectual patrimony that is the Reagan Revolutions success and critique of liberalism is a betrayal worthy of Julien Benda.  Our current social blight of blacks is a devastating indictment of 20th century liberal enterprise.  Helping Blacks achieve the kind of equality and opportunity long denied them was the linchpin grounding Democrat social policy.  It was the defining moral task since Kennedy!  It was the challenge that shaped American liberalism for the last fifty years.

Excessing confiscatory taxation, the expansion of both public payroll and urban services crowds out private wealth creation that is the sin qua non for job creation.  Look no further to find the cause that blights opportunity.

All the social welfare bureaucracies, diversity counselors and minority set asides can’t make up for the colossal failure of benevolent government to create sustainable prosperity.

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