The Growth Of Obama

The Presidency is not the place for ‘on the job training’, yet our current Commander in Chief may stump both supporters and opponents given his agenda to ‘reset’ the American imperium throughout the Middle East.  This is witnessed in his ever protean posture over Israel.

Since taking office Obama is urgently stressed the need to ‘reset’ American policy throughout the land of Arabia.  Translation:  correct his predecessors erroneous path throughout the world.  Yet the more this President engages the intractable regional ideologies throughout this region the more he affirms the Freedom Agenda.

May 15 is the traditional day for celebrating the modern birth of Israel under Truman.  What did we witness on May 15?  An orchestrated deflection of the Arab Spring in that regimes attempt to channel its peoples anger on Israel by bus loading hundreds of teens out from refugee camps onto the Golan Heights!

How else to say it?  The plight of Palestinians that dominated the political sentiments of Western sympathizers now rings hollow.  The impact of Obama’s predecessor still looms but not the way the American left wishes.

The current plight that sickens the lands of Arabia IS SELF INFLICTED!

Perhaps Obama’s sense of realism is growing!


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