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Rowan Williams Is No Thomas Beckett

I must admit that I do not always admire Dr. Rowan Williams even if sometimes he demonstrates the absolute candor required in leaders.  Nevertheless, this wile theologian continues to reveal a steadfastness, especially as he reveals the distinction that is … Continue reading

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Coleridge on Faith

The life of Faith is the substantiating principle of all true wisdom, the satisfactory solution of all the contradictions of human nature, of the whole riddle of the world.  This alone belongs to and speaks intelligibly to all alike, the … Continue reading

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The Anarchist: Revolutionary Politics

Very few people outside of academia have ever read ‘The Proud Tower’ by Barbara Tuchman which is depressing given the fine account she renders of Europe twenty-five years before the cataclysm that was the Great War (WWI).  Here we find … Continue reading

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