Michoacan: Mexican Narco Terrorists vs. Prosperity

It has gone unreported for the simple reason that Mexican Narco Gangs/Terrorists have threatened and paid local, regional media to ignore the violent incident that is familiar to Alvaro Uribe (Columbia’s President).  Last week, the Mexican State of Michocan (a very large tourist attraction) was under siege as local gangs hunted down and murdered regional Police over three days.  Today, Mexico is tied with Iraq and second to Pakistan in journalist fatalities.  The entire region is in a state of violent upheaval as 146 corpses were recently discovered in Durango along with 27 decapitated Guatemalan’s from the Zetas gang.

Even among such grim realities a Mexican economy is flourishing!

How can anyone explain this?

The answer is found in the politics similar to counterinsurgencies.  No one is better in explaining such realities than the former Columbian President Alvaro Uribe.  Recently he explained that the key to winning against Narco Terrorism is political.  He called it the ‘permanent pedagogy’.  When the regional Government convinces its people that the war against the Cartel’s is a necessary fight, not a partisan agenda, people side with the future.

Uribe rescued Colombia from a plight far worse than what confronts Mexico today.  The central challenge is to establish the rule of law that has legitimacy of consent and the courage of its convictions.

How else does one explain the rise of maquiladora industries, the exploding Reserves and an appreciated currency amist the orgy of Narco mutual annihilation?

The answer is political and personal.  Mexico’s immediate and current prosperity is an acknowledged bet that the market place of social mobility will not be betrayed by a government that can be cowed or seduced by criminals.

We’ve seen this before in Iraq in the Sunni triangle.  How else to say it:  prosperity wins every time.


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