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Manstein: The Moral Imperatives Of Military Leadership

Field Marshal Erich von Manstein flew from the Eastern Flank of Hitler’s war against Russia to CONFRONT the Fuhrer on his management of war aims.  That confrontation would begin late in the evening on January 4, 1944.  Here are Manstein’s … Continue reading

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The Great Game Begins

‘The Great Game’ otherwise known as ‘Tournament of Shadows’ was a deadly proxy fight between expansionist Russia and Imperialist England during the late 19th century.  England was defensive regarding her position as guardian of India (what constituted today’s Pakistan, Iran, … Continue reading

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American Enemies Gather

We often don’t see our enemies until after they act.  The West has for decades used large multinational institutions to secure a bulwark against Communism.  This strategy will not work for non-state actors like militant Islamic terrorists. The good news … Continue reading

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African Taliban: The Horn Of Africa Spreads

This blog has written on the extensive web that has become al Qaeda and its affiliate in Somalia Al Shabaab. Remember the Kampala bombings in July 2010?  That was the beginning strike signature of al Qaeda reaching out from its … Continue reading

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Oral Traditions & Early Travel Books: Islam & The Middle Ages

Today you go to College but throughout the Middle Ages you travelled to far away places to become a disciple, a student under a teacher who commanded mastery over a text.  Manuscripts throughout the Middle Ages were very large tracts, … Continue reading

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Tribute To Allan H. Meltzer

Ever since the death of Fredrick Hayek, Milton Friedman and Peter Drucker there remains only one person left capable of fulfilling the role those men carved out for a hardened intellectual, namely Allan H. Meltzer who currently resides at the … Continue reading

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The Moral Vision That Permeates Success

John Garvey is the President of Catholic University in Washington D.C. Recently he revealed a bit of moral wisdom and in so doing confirmed the moral Tradition beginning with the Pre-Socratics through contemporary ethical theory. Garvey wrote that he firmly … Continue reading

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Cesar Chavez: The Failure of ‘La Causa’

Ronald A. Wells is professor of history emeritus, at Calvin College.  Although mostly retired in Tennessee, he is the director of the annual Symposium on Faith & The Liberal Arts at Maryville College.  Recently he wrote a brilliant analysis of … Continue reading

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The Beginning Of Civil Strife In China

Throughout the spring of 2008 Tibet was aflame with anti-communist support, in July of 2009 it was Xinjiang Province.  Both provinces demonstrated enormous distrust for Beijing’s cultural, political policies.  The most prestigious university in China (Tsingua University) has studied uprisings … Continue reading

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The Treason Of Passionate Intellectuals

Kim Philby and the Cambridge Spies, Alger Hiss, Stephen Decatur, Benedict Arnold, Thomas Paine are well know names, what remains unknown are the motivations that propel people to actively support, work for,  even embrace their nations enemies. ‘Treasons Of The … Continue reading

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