The Moral Vision That Permeates Success

John Garvey is the President of Catholic University in Washington D.C. Recently he revealed a bit of moral wisdom and in so doing confirmed the moral Tradition beginning with the Pre-Socratics through contemporary ethical theory.

Garvey wrote that he firmly believed that intellect and virtue are connected, that they influence one another.  We call this relation ‘noetic’ or ‘nuptial’.  Although deeply flawed as witnessed throughout the Reformation and Victorian ethics, it nonetheless is true, even if it cannot be so easily institutionalized as the British thought.

I was THUNDERSTRUCK when he wrote that ‘THE GOALS WE SET FOR OURSELVES ARE BROUGHT INTO FOCUS BY OUR MORAL VISION.’  This very sentence has roiled America as witnessed throughout the industry that has become ‘self help’, ‘management’, ‘motivational speakers’ and ‘new age spirituality’.  Garvey’s comment is an adage grounded in the firm belief that the human person is influenced by developed habits.

The late great Peter Drucker would agree.

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