African Taliban: The Horn Of Africa Spreads

This blog has written on the extensive web that has become al Qaeda and its affiliate in Somalia Al Shabaab.

Remember the Kampala bombings in July 2010?  That was the beginning strike signature of al Qaeda reaching out from its defeat in Afghanistan to other failed States throughout the Horn of Africa.  Earlier this week (June 2011) we have witnessed Nigeria’s first suicide bombing.  We are witnessing the spread of al Qaeda.

The Nigerian Taliban is linked the Al Shabaad in Somalia.  This is a ‘far’ enemy strategy which proves that American interests in South Asia must be sustained.  How else to put it:  the global war on terror really is GLOBAL!

Somalia is now a training center, a safe haven for all types of radical Islamic groups.  Nigeria’s bombing reveals the arrival of a new insurgent group, an enabler of al Qaeda’s ‘far’ war against the Great Satan and its allies.


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