American Enemies Gather

We often don’t see our enemies until after they act.  The West has for decades used large multinational institutions to secure a bulwark against Communism.  This strategy will not work for non-state actors like militant Islamic terrorists.

The good news is that such entities are beginning to form coalitions to coordinate terrorist activities similar to a political block that the U.N. was for the West.

Two come to mind:  BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa have bonded along with SCO:  Shanghai Cooperation Organization founded in 2001 to counterbalance NATO.

Both serve as political cover for other belligerents that don’t hew to any Western agenda concerning human or economic rights. Let me explain.

The German newspaper Die Welt recently reported that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will deploy Iranian cruise missiles (Shahab) with a range of 9000 miles.  Such could easily hit Miami.  Iran is also tightening its relations with Nicaragua, Bolivia and most of Central America.

The Gulf Cooperation League was formed to act outside the official agenda that was the conservative Arab monarchies and the dysfunction Arab League.

As we stumble in our political leadership with Libya other Arab Nations will pursue political agendas that weaken our already poor resolve.

The current Administration can no longer speak of the ‘international community’ while ignoring America’s true allies, but Team Obama continues to do so under the guise that he’s not Bush II.  Our worst enemies are successfully teaming up with anyone who will thwart American leadership abroad.

Once again, we’re playing Checkers while our enemies play Chess!

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