American Tactics In Syria

I’ve always liked Elliot Abrams.  Most folks who spend there time at foggy bottom are either crazy idealists or hardened realists.  I think Abrams is of the latter camp.  He was at the National Security Council from 2001-2009, he currently resides as a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Dr. Elliot Abrams said it plainly:  “the key to Syria is peeling the minority Alawite community away from the Assad mafia.”  Simple.  Beautiful.  And it could work!

Abrams knows that there are varying degree’s of loyalty that hold the Alawite clan together throughout Syria.  Putting extreme pressure on them is the key to winning in Syria.

America ought to lead in driving a firm wedge into the Alawite Generals that dominate Assad’s army.  They should be addressed privately while being ruthlessly exposed throughout the world for crimes against humanity.

Instead of referring to Syria, we ought to only speak of “the Assads.”  Further isolating them is the key to cracking the interior of this tight but totalitarian community.

The American’s need to find both locals and other friends, like Turkey, who know the region well and can exploit Syrian weaknesses.  Demand that ambassadors be recalled.

Exploit the Syrian business community while pursuing serious international sanctions so that the Assad mafia can no longer subsidize its terror.

Make contact with and expand the nascent Syrian opposition.  Acknowledge that their political efforts are being watched, that the world knows.

Strike fear into the heart of Assad by showing a dead Gadhafi!

The post Assad era is coming!  It will be violent.  We can’t sit this one out.



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