Hezbollah, Lebanon: The Hinge For Teheran

Its nearly impossible these days to find sources that can make sense of the diplomatic mess that has become of the Near East, especially the Palestinian cause, Israel, Iran and Lebanon.

Dennis Ross is considered by most experts in the field to be the point man when considered how to discern ‘the region’.  I reference him only because he’s continually been seen by many Presidents as ‘the man’ to go to when you want to understand the region.  He’s neither ‘hawk’ nor ‘dove’ but experienced in reading the events that dominate the region.

Michael Oren is the Israeli ambassador to the United States, he has engagingly written on the paralyzing issues of the Near East in a manner worthy of mention by Dennis Ross.

The Shia leader of Hezbollah is Hasan Nasrallah, who recently revealed that, “if we hand known that our own ambush would have lead to this, we would never have done it.”  Referring to the Israeli launch of the second Lebanese War on August 12, 2006.

The roots of the conflict run very deep, but Israeli found itself responding to Katyusha (Iranian made) rockets being fired just inside the Litani River which is about four kilometers from the Israeli border.

Although Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, Israeli was defeated by Arab propaganda assisted by a very pliant left leaning western media.  Israel almost succeeded in peeling off Lebanon from Iran, but in the end it lost.  Israel wanted to support the emerging pro-democratic government that was beginning to emerge.  But the massacre of Palestinians by Christian militiamen in Beirut generated such international pressure for Israel that it had to withdraw.  Call it the Israeli ‘Tet Offensive’!  Israel remained on that border for 18 years, only to provide ideological fuel for Arab anger in generating ‘the resistance’.

The political fall-out from withdraw was the creation of Hezbollah (the party of God.)  This militia, now terrorist group sprang from the resentment of Lebanon’s Shi’ite population which was only adopted by Iran to thwart America’s proxy in the region:  Israel.

The first Lebanese war ended on May 25, 2000, but it began on 1983.  In 1984 Hezbollah killed 241 Marine’s in a terrorist bombing.

The results of the Second Lebanese War are very misleading, for the U.N. Security Council Resolution #1701 provided an international force preventing Hezbollah from re-arming.  That mandate has completely failed.  Hezbollah now has some 50,000 rockets, four times the amount before.  This along with the assassination of Hariri only confirms the impunity with which Iran and its proxies act upon to dominate a people.

Lebanon is no longer an independent country.  It is a terrorist stronghold supplied by Syria and subservient to Iran.

It remains the hinge upon which Iran and the Terror Masters from Teheran operate upon the wishes of self determination of both the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

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