I thought Melanie Phillips, the author of ‘Londistan’ has written a most engaging article summarizing the main cultural, philosophical and policy errors that permitted London to remain hostage to looters.  “How the Liberals Ruined London” is George Orwell in drag!  There have been others like J. Christian Adams and Senior Editor of London’s City A.M. Allister Heath who wrote:  “The cause of the riots is the looters; opportunistic, greedy, arrogant and amoral young criminals who believe that they have the right to steal, burn and destroy other people’s property.  There was no extenuating circumstances, no excuses.

The context was two fold:  first, decades of failed social, educational, family and microeconomic policies, which means that a large chunk of the U.K. has become alienated from mainstream society, culturally impoverished, bereft of role models, permanently unemployed and trapped, dependent on welfare or the shadow economy.

For this the political establishment and the dominant politically correct ideology are to blame:  they deemed it acceptable to permanently throw money in sink holes, claiming victory over material poverty, regardless of the wider consequences, in return for acquiring a clean social conscience.”

Eric Blair would be happy!

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