Sex & The City: The Social and Political Impact Of Militant Feminism

I was always dismayed when people use any kind of moral equivalency.  An example is the ‘Wall of Apartheid’ (originally coined by Jimmy Carter) throughout the West Bank in Israel.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the politics throughout the Near East knows why the Israeli’s built the wall.  It was not for the purpose of preventing suicide bombers.  It was to anticipate a very ugly political and cultural reality, one seen in Northern Ireland, The United States, any wealthy city throughout South America, and most certainly South Africa.  I’m talking about persistent low fertility rates!

The Israeli’s are trying to keep Israel Jewish by keeping a firm hold on jerrymandering the voting districts in light of sky-rocketing fertility rates among Arab women throughout the West Bank.

The Pill and other social, ideological means has weakened the West.  Western Europe has been on a demographic decline for decades.  With the arrival of illegal immigrants throughout the United States, our fertility rates are actually up.  But persistently low fertility throughout first world nations is already dangerously low.  We are only witnessing the initial social impact of such demographic trends.

In order for a country to maintain a steady population, it needs a fertility rate of 2.10, since the 1960’s fertility rates in first world nations has plummeted.  The hysteria of any Malthusian apocalyptic vision was always false.  Norman Bourlag defeated Malthus.  Period.

Historically, population contraction has never been accompanied by prosperity.  The West only has chronicled two experiences analogous to our declining fertility:  the Black Death of Europe and the Fall of Rome.

Low fertility is also the dirty little secret for why/how American entitlement expenditures are broken.  As the population shrinks, we will experience the following:  a quickly shrinking tax base due to labor force contraction, sky-rocketing costs for pensioners and those on permanent heath care etc. . . As demand sputters downward, price discovery and monetary stability violently contract.

How else to say it:  low fertility is MODERNITY’S GREAT TRAP!

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