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Economics For Dummies

This is what common working people instinctively already know but the political class in Washington refuses to hear: 1.  Confiscatory taxation encourages borrowing.  Instead, our Federal Government ought to encourage equity formation. 2.  “THE FUNDAMENTAL DEFICIENCY IMPLIED IN EVERY QUANTITATIVE … Continue reading

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What Has Athens To Do With Jerusalem?

The North African Catholic Church throughout the last remaining centuries before the fall of Rome was the most fertile intellectual region before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.  I don’t say that in a cavalier way, for the Church … Continue reading

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NYC Abortion Rates: Bronx Is Highest

The beginning of 2011 saw the most recent data on abortion rates throughout NYC.  Its just staggering!  41% of all pregnancies were aborted.  The Bronx had the highest rate of any borough followed by Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. … Continue reading

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Alexis de Tocqueville: Letters Home & Gustave de Beaumont Travel Diaries

This blog has tackled the subject of Alexis de Tocqueville extensively.  I mention him because a handful of American scholars have finally decided to tackle what our American Founders and Framers instinctively understood:  the American Revolution would succeed and be … Continue reading

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The Shuffle At Foggy Bottom: Political & Social Consequences For A Broken Entitlement State

I was stunned by Robert Gates’ statement about American Power.  He said “AMERICA CAN BE A SUPERPOWER OR A WELFARE STATE, BUT NOT BOTH!” Reagan knew that American global power begins at home.  If we have learned anything, its that … Continue reading

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The Morality Of Political Realism: Fortitude For The American Imperium

What are we witnessing in the political and therefore spiritual morass that is a craven European Union, especially geopolitically and strategically?  “Idealism” is a tough sell in American Foreign Policy, but most often it has been alloyed to the social … Continue reading

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Persian Designs In Mesopotamia

War and diplomacy is filled with role reversals, ironies, contrasts that are fit for Sophocles and Shakespeare, for the social and political impact of war is always unmanageable.  When the American’s established a Shia power grab after the fall of … Continue reading

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