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Beijing’s Fiscal Grand Strategy

What does a competitor do when its outmatched?  It develops and uses the superior techniques of its aggressor, and in so doing competes on more equitable ground. That’s what Communist China has been doing since Deng Xiaoping took over from … Continue reading

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Assembled Elsewhere: Made For Amerika

The manufacturing sector of the United States economy is gone, even though some very big manufacturing companies like Whirlpool, Caterpillar and Dow Chemical are indeed building high-tech factories in the States. How can anyone make sense of this contrast? Andrew … Continue reading

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Ancients & Moderns: Measuring The Earth From Ptolemy To Louis XV

It is true that most students hate science.  For the most part the teachers teaching it never studied the historical impact of discovery.  The ancient Egyptians understood how to measure a sphere.  They did so with a plumb line across … Continue reading

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Heralding A New Creation: The Spanish Empire In South America

James Billington resides as the Chief Librarian of the Library of Congress, throughout his tenure in Washington where he advises both international and domestic policy wonks, he continues to reveal that the most published people on the planet are:  Jesus, Shakespeare … Continue reading

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