Speeding Neutrino & The Death Of Einstein

There are a lot of papers floating around in academic circles heralding the death of Einstein’s theory of relativity.  The vast majority of these papers are just plain nonsense.

But the experiments in Switzerland recently reveal that Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong.

Since 1905 Albert Einstein declared that nothing in the Universe is faster than light.  This theory is the bedrock of modern physics. Well it all just might be trash given the latest experiments at the particle accelerator in Geneva.

Recently, a group of physics’ fired a beam of neutrinos (an exotic, ghost like particle that can penetrate even the densest of materials) from Switzerland to Italy, covering a distance of about 450 miles.  Much to their amazement, after analyzing 15,000 neutrino’s they found that they traveled faster than the speed of light, one 60-billionth of a second faster.  A beam of light travels about one foot in a billionth of a second.  So a difference of 60 feet is quite an astonishment.

Cracking the light barrier will violate the core of Einstein’s theory of relativity.  According to this theory, as you approach the speed of light, you get heavier, time slows down and you get flatter.  If you go faster than light, then the impossible happens.  Time goes backward, you become lighter than nothing, and you have negative width.  Since this is ridiculous, you cannot go faster than light.

The experiments in Geneva reveal that we have a new door opening in physics.  Many scientists are already breaking out in a cold sweat for their entire livelihoods are threatened by this discovery given that the entire foundation of modern physics will need to be revised.  Every textbook, every experiment recalibrated.

Even Cosmology, the way we think about space itself would forever be altered. This would include the distance to stars, galaxies and the age of the Universe (currently held to be 13.7 billion years old.)  This discovery would change our understanding of an expanding universe theory, the Big Bang, Black Holes.  Everything in Physics is up for grabs.  Yes, this even includes nuclear physics, Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC2, where a small amount of mass M can create a vast amount of energy E, because the speed of light C squared is such a huge number.  If C is off, then it means that all nuclear physics has to be recalibrated.  Nuclear weapons, nuclear medicine, radioactive dating is affected because all nuclear reactions are based on Einstein’s relation between matter and energy.

This even means that the fundamental principles of physics are incorrect. Modern physics is base on two theories, relativity and quantum theory. This new information reveals that half of modern physics must be re-written.

How else to say it, reputations and livelihoods will rise and fall, Joseph Schumpter’s ‘creative destruction’ is still in play.  In science there are no sacred cows.

Just remember, in science 100 authorities count for nothing.  As a St. John Henry Newman said, “10,000 difficulties don’t make one doubt.”

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