Hezbollah In South America

The recent news that the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed extensive ties to narco-terrorist regimes throughout South America should not surprise anyone with a modicum of knowledge regarding how Teheran funds its proxies.  What is alarming is the effect our political tract in Afghanistan has upon our enemies throughout Iran.  Our switch from counterinsurgency to counterterrorism; one happily touted by the ‘inside-the-beltway-expert’ George Will, has now borne brazen fruit.  A ruthless satanic Machiavellian power grab throughout South America is what our ‘soft approach’ has given us.  Venezuela, Managua, La Paz, Brasilia and Quito are just a few of the cities now awash in narco money for Teheran.  Wait.  It gets better.

Beginning in October of 2006 FBI officials throughout Arizona have witnessed a startling array of tattoos effecting allegiance to Hezbollah.  As of this writing, Islam now counts over 5 million converts throughout the disaffected region known as the ‘soft underbelly’ of America.

Do a keyword Google search for Jamal Yousef or Jameel Nasr and witness the rise of a militant Islamic Crescent beginning to envelop the United States.  This threat is growing if only because Iran is not threatened by American leadership.

When will the West realize that it has fervent allies throughout Iranian domestic life.  Iran has the best educated and youngest public throughout the Near East, and yet we shy away from confronting it.  We will pay a price for this unwillingness to confront our biggest challenge.

The Iranian regime uses Machiavellian strategies in its drive to undercut the American Imperium.  It used Lebanese operational cover to assault and murder over 200 Marines in Lebanon during the 1980’s.  They never answered for it!   Ali Khamenei, and Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani along with Mahmoud Ahmaeinejad are populist hardliners within  the praetorian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The real ring leader is Qasim Soleimani.  He runs the operational cover for the Iranian elite dark arts Qods Force, a militant Islamic terror group extremely well funded and trained.  Yet all these men and operational units are vulnerable to attack.  But the United States has not the political will to confront this challenge.

How else to say it:  Iran does not fear American power.

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