Persian Allies In The Soft American Underbelly

Dr. Douglas Farah, an expert on international terrorism recently submitted his analysis concerning Iran operating throughout South America and his assessment is grave:  with the arrival of Al Qods Force in La Paz and Santiago, the Iranians seek to gain a foothold using a tactic that the Soviets used during Reagan’s tenure, namely use the soft authoritarian regimes that dominate South America as a staging ground into Mexico threatening American interests.

Ahmad Vahidi is now residing in Argentina, he’s the one responsible for detonating bombs in 1994 murdering Israeli’s throughout Santiago.

Iran has tripled its diplomatic presence throughout the region gaining Uranium and business deals with many regional players including Brazil.  Iran has a permanent deficit in nuclear rich requirements.  This is the primary reason why it cultivated relations with many African autocrats.

The list is long but Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico are the list of influential clients for Teheran.

The tip of this spear is easy to discern:  it’s the Machiavellian tip of the sword aimed at The Great Satan, are we ready to deal with an ambitious Iran at our door?

Toynbee was right, great Civilizations aren’t murdered, they commit suicide.

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