How To Topple The Theocrats In Teheran

Dr. Jamsheed K. Cloksy is the Senior Professor for Persian Studies at the Center on American and Global Security a Think Tank in Washington D.C., his recent analysis on the intrinsic weaknesses of the Iranian regime, specifically how we might go about weakening this theocrats in Teheran to our advantage.

Dr. Cloksy refutes the main argument against hitting Iranian nuclear facilities by revealing that Iran does not have resources from which to rebuild, that it can thwart any American military initiative and that Teheran can get its population to rally. For Dr. Cloksy the Iranian regime is currently at its weakest point, this is evidenced in the extraordinary measures regarding domestic repression.

Its simple:  don’t preclude that an Iranian hegemony is inevitable.

How are we to attack Iran?

Superior air attacks will cripple the Ayatollah’s ability to protect themselves from popular overthow!  Both the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the Basij paramilitaries along with Al Quods Force will be busy trying to protect an already weakened regime.  The US Navy can handle the Iranian Navy’s fastest boats and midget submarines throughout the Persian Gulf.  Artillery battery strikes throughout the Strait of Hormuz can secure this choke point.  An American attack would mortally threaten Hamas, Hezbollah, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong II and Hugo Chavez. The key reality here is the status of the Iranian regime domestically!

As Libya proved, American military assistance in developing representational governance is a worthwhile investment.

Regime change remains the best option in dealing with Iran.  It can best be achieved by using the determination of the Iranian people.  Disabling the theocracies militant machinery of domestic repression would leave the Satanic Theocrats mortally vulnerable to the aspirations of its people.


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