Lord Keynes Meets Alexis Tocqueville

Lord Keynes and the lovers of centralization have finally met Alex Tocqueville.  The meeting was reported by law professor Glenn Reynolds who wrote in the Washington Examiner recently that “the reason why a Bachelor’s degree no longer conveys the intelligence and capabilities it once did is that government decided that it would subsidize and drive much of the population into College.  The American left did the same for home ownership and consumption habits.  The problem here is intellectual, for homeownership, consumption habits and College aren’t causes of middle class habits, they’re markers for possessing the kinds of traits, self discipline, the ability to defer gratification etc. . . that let you enter and stay middle class.

Subsidizing the markers does not produce the traits, if anything it undermines them.  Its like saying one can promote basketball skills by distributing expensive sneakers.”

How else to say it:  the errors of Socialism are intellectual.


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