Germanic Austerity & Grecian Socialism: False Choice

If mainstream political parties fail their constituency, then everyone can watch Greece go the way of third world failed radicalism.

I no longer suffer fools, so my bet is that Grecian radicalism will go its own way and meet the impending fate that resides in all failures:  an unwillingness to change as the fatal flaw of specialists.  Put it another way:  any unwillingness to gain traction on the issues that besiege any Nation is a recipe for disaster.  Let me explain.

The rage all over Europe is that tight fisted Germans are at the root of the European Union meltdown.  If this is true its because only Socialists can blame thrift and industry!

As Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote:  every single time since the inception of modern Germany beginning in 1871 with Bismark, anytime Germany felt isolated it unified itself into armed militancy.  Conflict inevitably followed.

With World War I, the French were unable to ground realism into their political penchant for international treaties or leagues, inviting superior foes like Corporal Hitler to challenge and thwart a weakened order.

With World War II, the victorious western allies were unable to dismantle the enveloped Soviet presence that became a prostrate defeated Germany.  Failure to get Germany into an alliance facing west proved fatal; for it froze the relations of much of the planet:  that’s why we use the sobriquet ‘Cold War’, it unnaturally halted the development of national identity congruent with modernity.

World War II era constraints are eroding fast.  Just watch the demography and the social, political impact that is digital media on tribal societies:  The Arab Spring!

The ideals and forces that impelled Germany toward war were not purely extrinsic relations, we must acknowledge anterior motives, for the catalysts for German wars cannot be laid at Europe’s inability to contain Germany; German fears and emotions also play a part.  These are vital in understanding HOW Germany understands itself!

Throughout both World Wars, Germany was convinced that France, Britain and Russia were in alliance to thwart a growing, imperial Germany; a Germany which believed in its natural right to expand and colonize.


Germans always nurtured a deep inferiority, even a paranoia that the Allies had once more rigged the European order to keep Germany divided, weak, poor and on the defensive.  In other words, serially hurt pride and a loss of deterrence gave us two World Wars.

Let me translate:  The European Union turned a Ponzi racket in which poor southern European states cooked their books to get German cash; only when caught to blame their indebtedness on German mercantilism and callous, export driven profit mongering.

What have all these years of austerity proved?

It proves that poor southern European countries don’t believe in paying back what they borrowed; in the firm belief that borrowing from a wealthy Germany was justified!

Hey guys.  Injury to Germany is one thing; insult is another.


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