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Structural Unemployment: The New Reality

Other than George Orwell, I can only think of two men who engagingly wrote about the social impact of superior technology on permanent unemployment:  Milton Friedman & Peter Drucker.  Dr. Drucker is a far more sophisticaed realist than the arcane … Continue reading

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Equality & Macro-economics: The New Sham

I’ve always liked Henry Hazlitt.  He always spoke of how economics was riddled with fallacies.  I couldn’t agree more. The most pernicous fallacy is the attempt to justify wealth redistribution through a progressive tax code.  As far as I know, … Continue reading

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Conrad Black: Militant Positivism & The Diversity Police

Two months ago ‘The New Criterion’ published an essay explaining the lynching that was done to Conrad Black in the name of ‘diversity’.  I must admit that I remained perplexed until I read that essay, for I only remember what … Continue reading

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Immigration, Demography & The Maintanence Of Superpower Status

I’ve written about the social and political impact of plummiting demography in Israel and Russia.  This quick post will put into relief the impact of falling demography in ‘ascendant economies’ like China, Russia, Brazil etc. . . The Unites States … Continue reading

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How To Understand Ronald Reagan

His personal aid, Martin Anderson called him ‘warmly ruthless’, many of his children and friends often spoke how he maintained an aloofness that bordered the neurotic.  Studying Reagan over the years I have come to admire Lord Acton’s saying that rarely … Continue reading

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How Japan Failed To Become A Superpower

Remember the threat that Japan posed to everyone throughout the 1980’s?  The spooky truth is easy to discern, for they performed well because they had America as its tutor.  We abanoned our own principles as evidenced in the Keynesian stagflation … Continue reading

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Isaiah Berlin On Winston Churchill

For all those recent college graduates looking to emulate true leadership, take a look at what Isaiah Berlin found about Winston Churchill:  ‘No strongly centralized political organization feels altogether happy with individuals who combine independence, a free imagination, and a … Continue reading

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