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How Western Civilization Triumphed Over Every Civilization

Teaching Aristotle or Plato is often hard if not downright difficult, especially when you try to cover the “epoch” between his time and ours.  I mean something very specific. What underwrites Western Civilization is a Judeo-Christian ethic.  Prior to this … Continue reading

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The Retreat of Globalization: The Arduous Task of Remaking the American Imperium

The retreat of globalization may be permanent.  Given how viable the political economies of Europe and the United States have been since the Great Recession of 2008, I think it pertinent to say that even the smart guys on Wall … Continue reading

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Roman Civilization: Paul Vockler, Reagan, Team Obama; First Hubris then Nemesis

Uninformed students often ask the most brutal questions, this is because their assumptions aren’t biased by contrived artificial understandings of social authority.  Leave it to the uninformed to ask a brutally direct question:  just how can anyone explain the rise … Continue reading

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The Rocks Don’t Lie

Geology is a lot like strategy; you have to know how to read the terrain before you commit yourself.  It also involves an understanding of time and pressure.  I’ve always loved geology or what’s termed in professional studies ‘geomorphology.’  Practitioners … Continue reading

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The Revenge of Geography

The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) is completely misplaced.  Every historian worth his/her mettle understands that human nature, like geography is a constant worthy of consideration when any statesman considers national interest relative to war.  This was understood by both … Continue reading

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The House of Saud: Implosion

Karen Elliot House worked for decades on the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal.  She wrote under the late great Robert Bartley, the only man who single-handedly understood the impact that became Ronald Reagan.  Karen House’s time at the … Continue reading

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XX Double Cross: The Bronx

The intricate system of having British intelligence find and turn numerous Nazi agents prior to the Normandy landings is not well known.  The man responsible for running this vast network of spies was Thomas Argyll Robertson nicknamed ‘Tar’.  He knew … Continue reading

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El Narco: Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency

Last summer we heard how Mexico was already a failed State.  All the data not withstanding, Mexico was fighting an insurgency, fueled by the twin enormities of a dominant illicit drug trade and inept political institutions. But we miss something … Continue reading

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The Great Gamble

There are two authorities on the AfPak region that are worth reading, Dr. Anatol Lieven who resides at King’s College, London and Ahmed Rashid.  Dr. Rashid currently has residence at Oxford University.  Both men have impeccable credentials along with language … Continue reading

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The Palestinian Spring

You’d think that the single most anticipated group of Arabs throughout the Near East expecting liberation are the Palestinians, especially given how they’re portrayed as victims of capricious Zionists.  Well according to Amir Taheri the French Persian expert, there is … Continue reading

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