R.I.P. Eric Hobsbawm: Child of The Lost Generation

I have written before about Dr. Hobsbawm.  I will not elaborate nor defend what British institutions have borne, namely a brilliant yet terribly misplaced intellect primarily shaped in the cauldron that became the First World War and its aftermath, namely the death of Empire and embrace of satanic equality.

I understand how growing up in a hereditary civilization like England can indeed procure one to embrace and defend moral equivalencies.  But no one did it with both conviction and panache like Hobsbawm!

Dr. Hobsbawm was the product of a lethal historicism.  He could never let go of the idealism that formed him.  Pronounced dead on Monday at the age of 95, he represents all that went wrong with England after the shock that became Empire in an age of American dominance.

There are others more humble, more discrete and profound in their convictions whom he must still wrestle, a Havel, a Solzhenitzen, dare I even say it:  a Wojtyla!

God help the man!

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