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El Narco: Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency

Last summer we heard how Mexico was already a failed State.  All the data not withstanding, Mexico was fighting an insurgency, fueled by the twin enormities of a dominant illicit drug trade and inept political institutions. But we miss something … Continue reading

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The Great Gamble

There are two authorities on the AfPak region that are worth reading, Dr. Anatol Lieven who resides at King’s College, London and Ahmed Rashid.  Dr. Rashid currently has residence at Oxford University.  Both men have impeccable credentials along with language … Continue reading

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The Palestinian Spring

You’d think that the single most anticipated group of Arabs throughout the Near East expecting liberation are the Palestinians, especially given how they’re portrayed as victims of capricious Zionists.  Well according to Amir Taheri the French Persian expert, there is … Continue reading

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