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The Revenge of Geography

The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) is completely misplaced.  Every historian worth his/her mettle understands that human nature, like geography is a constant worthy of consideration when any statesman considers national interest relative to war.  This was understood by both … Continue reading

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The House of Saud: Implosion

Karen Elliot House worked for decades on the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal.  She wrote under the late great Robert Bartley, the only man who single-handedly understood the impact that became Ronald Reagan.  Karen House’s time at the … Continue reading

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XX Double Cross: The Bronx

The intricate system of having British intelligence find and turn numerous Nazi agents prior to the Normandy landings is not well known.  The man responsible for running this vast network of spies was Thomas Argyll Robertson nicknamed ‘Tar’.  He knew … Continue reading

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