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Hamas, Preemption & Israeli Will

John Bolton got it right when he revealed that last weeks surprise attack on Israel by Iranian proxies was an attempt by Iran to read Israeli political willpower. We should know by now that all actors within the Near East … Continue reading

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Morsi, The Egyptian Brotherhood & American Naivete

We should’ve known better.  Minutes after leaving Israeli airspace, the Secretary of State was notified of two contradictions.  One, that Morsi would consolidate his power as dictator; two, he would continue to model himself as a useful idiot to the … Continue reading

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An Emerging Israeli Ascendancy with Saudi Shield: Hitting the Persian Mullah’s

The violent prism of realism remains the best instrument from which to discern the political movement of the major actors in the Middle East conflict.  Daniel Pipes of the Philadelphia based Middle East Forum was correct in his analysis of … Continue reading

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The Last Stand of William Manchester

How difficult it is to finally have to let go of an idol that served so well. Some years ago, this personally painful insight fell to one of America’s finest biographers.  William Manchester.  Known for his brilliant work on Churchill, … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Muslims, Polygamy & The Great Satan’s Charm

Ever since the Enlightenment, the West has tethered itself to the philosophical concept of the autonomy of reason.  Why is this significant?  Because the last few decades of the 20th century ushered in new forms of tyranny born from within … Continue reading

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The Israeli Nightmare

Let’s be clear:  the mortal enemies of Israel have read our weakness in re-electing team Obama.  This is the reason why Israel is surrounded like a wounded animal, with prey seeking slow destruction.  Although the Israeli’s have retained the option … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Biology & The Origins of Human Eyesight

Evolutionary biologist have finally determined the origins of eyesight.  This is very significant for it displaces an assumption that eyesight originated over a span of several eons during the course of animal evolution.  Latest interpretative findings tell that this assumption … Continue reading

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Democracy & Ancient Dynastic Political Economies

I’ve read enough of ancient history to be able to tell good accurate research from phony populism.  Recently, upon going to my local bookstore, I came upon a interesting concoction, namely the relation between ancient Israel and the rise of … Continue reading

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