The Israeli Nightmare

Let’s be clear:  the mortal enemies of Israel have read our weakness in re-electing team Obama.  This is the reason why Israel is surrounded like a wounded animal, with prey seeking slow destruction.  Although the Israeli’s have retained the option of never permitting a breach between the United States and its regional foes, it remains to be seen how Israel can go it alone without major U.S. public support.

There is a new political vortex emerging throughout the Near East, and Egypt is the linchpin to understanding how to manipulate the arrangement of power throughout the region.  The U.S. is right to seek support of Israel through Cairo.  As of this writing, Cairo and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi), hold the calculus, not Iran.  This is a partial reading given how Egypt has emerged from its post-Murbarak reign.  It remains to be seen how Morsi will use the power given to him from team Obama in this latest conflict.

Make no mistake, what we are witnessing rise throughout the Near East is the emergence of an Islamic power grab due principally through failure that is embodied by team Obama.  No one fears this administration.  And that insight will play out in this region.

The Israeli head fake in calling up reserves is real; my guess is that Israel will not allow its regional enemies to outflank it in pace or skill.  We should watch for Jerusalem’s willingness to hit Iran now that it is surrounded.

Cooler heads are not what is needed here, but clarity and strength of resolve.  Israel should welcome the final battle for its existence by tackling mortal enemies that the United States has abandoned in favor of isolating Israel.

I do not think this current conflict will settle down until a nuclear exchange permanently changes the calculus of Israeli enemies.

Elections have consequences!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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