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Martin Niemoller: Persecuted African Christianity; A Rising Crescent

Julian Benda could have learned a thing or two from Leo Strauss.  The implored distinction between sophistry and rhetoric distilled throughout ‘Natural Right & History’ fell on deaf ears.  Benda was not a true intellectual, for if he was, he … Continue reading

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Getting Borked: It’s Over

Robert Bork passed away the other day, age 85.  I suppose he can now go after Ted Kennedy for his blowhard caricature unworthy of reprint here.  How else can you say it:  the man got screwed before a live audience! … Continue reading

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The Failure of Charles Dickens Progeny

I’ve always loved the writings of Charles Dickens.  But most authors never seem to pry enough into British Victorian aesthetics to unravel a great mystery.  Why did the children of Charles Dickens fail so miserably?  The best biographers seem to … Continue reading

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Pentagon Procurement & Civilian Military Relations: The Key to Winning ‘The Long War’

The key to understanding how large monolithic bureaucratic institutions like State, Pentagon and Defense work in tandem with Congress and the White House is to uncover the small yet vital liaisons that work between them. Why is this important? Because … Continue reading

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American Liberals: The New Authoritarians

Only the most engaged politicos know how the American Democratic Party morphed into a Statist oligarchy.  By appealing NOT to the universality of reason (an Enlightenment principle worthy of defense) but to the arrogation of autonomy, obscuring, obliterating anything in … Continue reading

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Syria: American Absence Portends. . .

Power is about the ability and the confidence to choose.  Team Obama may think that its outsourcing its incipient strategy to the petro-monarchies of the Gulf.  Benghazi should have informed us as to how that’s gonna look. The abject failure … Continue reading

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Apaiser: Peace or Imminent U.S. Defeat, The Parisian Afghani’s & Power Blocks

About 40 miles north of Paris is the lovely town of Chantilly, a town known for horse training.  This luxury town is now witnessing the imminent defeat of America throughout the AfPak region.  How is this so?  America has a … Continue reading

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Frederick Kagan & The American Will To Win In AfPak

I’ve written about how to distinguish between amateurs and professionals.  Amateurs study tactics or strategy, the professionals study logistics and personnel. There is no other greater authority on America’s most pressing foreign policy problems than Dr. Frederick Kagan who resides … Continue reading

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Talabani & The Iraqi Impass

The recent news that the Iraqi President (Jalal Talabani) suffered a stroke puts Iraqi political growth at a standstill.  Unless the Iraqi political economy can sustain another political initiative in consolidating where Talabani left off, the Iraqi’s are vulnerable to … Continue reading

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The Myopia of Joe Biden: Iran at Parchin

Everyone remembers how the Vice President debates revealed a justification for American complacency regarding Iran:  they’re a long way off from getting a delivery system!  Biden’s retort is politically naive.  Let’s get to the details. Aside from the reality that … Continue reading

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