The Mullah’s & The Bomb

Seventy years ago this past week marks the very first controlled nuclear reaction which took place under the bleachers of the old Stagg Field at the University of Chicago.  There America found how to harness the power of the atom from scientists who sought refuge from the scourge of Fascism that held Europe in its thrall until American resolve got an unconditional surrender from both Japan and Germany.

Oh boy the days of moral clarity are calling!!!

Although the United States has stepped up our spying on Iran, the Mullahs in Bushehr have removed fuel rods containing between 22 and 220 pounds of weapons grade plutonium.  Wait it gets better. . .

Everyone worth their salt throughout the nuclear sciences knows that the breakout time between civilian and nuclear purposes is extremely short.  Western memory is shorter.

The Russian built reactor in Bushehr poses a distinct proliferation risk.  Here’s a question we should ponder?  Why would an oil rich nation state spend billions on a reactor it doesn’t need?

How about some numbers?

As of this writing, the Iranians have 8 tons of reactor grade level plutonium at 5%, along with 238 kilos near bomb grade level which is 20% plutonium.  Note:  the Mullahs have developed dual tracts; plutonium at Bushehr and uranium at Arak.  The Russians are supposed to receive Iranian reactor spent fuel rods (try not to laugh), even though no such transfers have ever occurred. The Iranians have publicly said that they have returned such rods to the reactor core to be melted.

Translation:  the transfer into the reactor was a safety test.  It could also be a test run for the Iranians should they decide to reprocess those rods into weapons grade plutonium for as many as 24 Nagasaki type bombs built with 220 pounds of plutonium.

Make note:  weapons usable plutonium from spent fuel rods is a relatively straightforward process that can be accomplished with minimum space and time.

All of this is contrary to Vice President’s Joe Bite-me claims that Iranian nuclear capabilities are fragmentary.  Never mind that we’re dealing with a totalitarian state with Satanic control over its people and information.  If it weren’t for CIA Iranian walk-ins revealing three other nuclear sites we’d never know about their ‘fragmented’ capabilities.

Maybe a clearer line of thought would be to examine Iranian nuclear ambitions, since we in the West already know that the Mullahs have declared war on us.

Maybe we should oblige them!

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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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