The Moral Foundations of Liberty

Its a bit exhausting watching ANY debate in light of a persistent refusal to ground policy initiatives outside an articulated synoptic governing philosophy. Are we so enamored to pursue the undifferentiated concerns of the public that candidates are missing the opportunities afforded in debates.

The absolute failure to defend the morality of the markets/capitalism and the sanctity of individual rights cedes the battle of ideas to Socialists and media errand boys who advance the morality of economic equality at the expense of liberty.

The absolute unmitigated failure of contempory liberalism (read indentured servitude in the guise of tax fairness & redistribution) rather than any loss of faith in human freedom is the evidentiary cause why so many in the GOP cringe at having to defend the moral foundations of liberty.

Freedom demonstrated as liberty is never an adversary to the needs of either true equality or the common good.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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