Benghazi & How Ideology Blinds

Some years ago I spent time with a Catholic Priest who is Pastor of a Parish in an affluent Westchester County neighborhood; who explained to me his experience of living through the terror attacks that rocked the entire Near East on October 23, 1983.  Ronald Reagan was President.  And he was getting his ass kicked by Iranian proxies.  It would get worse before it got better.  But this man explained to me the policy details that resonates with ANY reading of either ‘The Pickering Report’ (Thomas Pickering was G.W. Bush’s U.N. Ambassador who led the study) or the final report on Benghazi released this week (12/20/12).

Note:  Reagan would not permit himself to be sidetracked from his main mission, the defeat of the Soviet Union.  Reagan knew that the rage animating the nightly news wire services was animated by political conviction alloyed to Socialism.  Reagan implicitly knew not to get worked-up over Northern Ireland or South Africa.  The man simply never took his eye off the prize.

The terror attack on October 23, 1983 murdering hundreds of U.S. Marines would be laid at the feet of the politicos who ran State.

The ideological affinity that State Department officials revere for authoritarians is well noted.  What isn’t is the impact of having well paid fiefdoms work against Constitutional Republics.  Just who does the E.P.A. work for?  Ditto for State.

Do the following words mean anything to you?  Cambridge Five, Whittaker Chambers, Alger Hiss?  If not then consult the vast array of literature revealing the personal and ideological affinity diplomatic politicos have for the regimes of the left.

Truth be told, the larger failure in Libya is about policy and the Administration’s world view that underwrites it.  The deepest policy failure cannot be unlinked from the ideology that shapes it.

Leading from behind has consequences.

We permitted Qatar the ability to arm the Sunni’s for Syria.  They found their way to Libya.  It’s that simple.  Neither report explains the failure that was on public display on September 11.  It’s up to Congress to flesh this out.  We should also note the concussion suffered by the Secretary of State.  More on that later.

I don’t think it necessary to reveal the sheer satanic brutality that was leveled upon Ambassador Steven’s corpse.  Perhaps an entry or two on Islamic Jurisprudence and its informing relation to Islamic Ethics will do.

The abdication at the White House is worthy of Impeachment.  Don’t expect those at State to marshall any dissent.  We have a permanent broken instrument of diplomacy that can only be fixed with the strength that is an election.  An election that seeks to constrain the growth of bureaucracies; bureaucracies that create and maintain imperatives divorced from their original mission.  Something Max Weber and Peter Drucker, not to mention Richard Nixon deeply understood.

The Union and its ability to project power is weakened by the folly of idealists at State and the White House.

Everyone working ‘on the ground’ in ‘The Long War’ deserves better.

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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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