Syria: American Absence Portends. . .

Power is about the ability and the confidence to choose.  Team Obama may think that its outsourcing its incipient strategy to the petro-monarchies of the Gulf.  Benghazi should have informed us as to how that’s gonna look.

The abject failure for the American President to engage in the defeat and destruction of Syria (a proxy of Iran) means that that our range of choices and influence is diminishing.  While we’re abdicating, Assad is moving his clan toward the mountainous regions east of the sea.

An enclave fit for the final conflagration.

As this winds down we should anticipate that Assad will place his cronies throughout the country, we should not rule out the use of gas dispersed from enclosures unseen from satellites.  Although the US has moved Patriot batteries alongside its border with Turkey, the great more piercing questions are political and strategic.

Don’t wait for any answers from Foggy Bottom or Turtle Bay!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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