The Myopia of Joe Biden: Iran at Parchin

Everyone remembers how the Vice President debates revealed a justification for American complacency regarding Iran:  they’re a long way off from getting a delivery system!  Biden’s retort is politically naive.  Let’s get to the details.

Aside from the reality that Totalitarian regimes have a long success rate of evasion, the American Vice President is both dangerously myopic and tone deaf to Iranian objectives. Without having to chronicle the denial and deception campaign lasting over two decades, we need to look at specifics of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

The Mullah’s have been working to develop key components of a nuclear capability for decades.  Despite having signed nuclear nonproliferation agreements, they’re moving forward.  Maseh Zarif from AEI is an Iranian specialists, he details three distinct interrelated, parallel tracts the Mullah’s have developed to gain and deliver a nuclear device.  They are:  acquire fissile material, weaponize bomb design and delivery vehicle development.

The acquisition of fissile material is based at facilities near Esfahan, this is where Iran converts yellowcake into uranium gas.  It is at Natanz and outside Qom where Iran enriches uranium gas toward levels required to produce bomb fuel.

Note:  In case of strike from Israel, or the U.S. Iranian ambitions have provided for a separate plutonium route for bomb producing material at Arak.  Dear Joe Biden:  these covert facilities are supplemented by additional undeclared sites. 

The single most difficult procedure is the development of fissile material.  This has been nearly completed at the city of Parchin.  Thanks to Mother Russia!  

The question now becomes:  what underwrites the myopic mindset of American liberals?

Why do they deny reality?

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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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