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Martin Niemoller: Persecuted African Christianity; A Rising Crescent

Julian Benda could have learned a thing or two from Leo Strauss.  The implored distinction between sophistry and rhetoric distilled throughout ‘Natural Right & History’ fell on deaf ears.  Benda was not a true intellectual, for if he was, he … Continue reading

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Getting Borked: It’s Over

Robert Bork passed away the other day, age 85.  I suppose he can now go after Ted Kennedy for his blowhard caricature unworthy of reprint here.  How else can you say it:  the man got screwed before a live audience! … Continue reading

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The Failure of Charles Dickens Progeny

I’ve always loved the writings of Charles Dickens.  But most authors never seem to pry enough into British Victorian aesthetics to unravel a great mystery.  Why did the children of Charles Dickens fail so miserably?  The best biographers seem to … Continue reading

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