Getting Borked: It’s Over

Robert Bork passed away the other day, age 85.  I suppose he can now go after Ted Kennedy for his blowhard caricature unworthy of reprint here.  How else can you say it:  the man got screwed before a live audience!  George Will called him the most distinguished Supreme Court nominee since Felix Frankfurter, it’s all true.

Why the the Socialists hate him?

Let me give a brief answer.  Bork knew he hit the mark when he critiqued the Warren Court of having basically made up Constitutional precedent as it went along.  That alone was not going to stand.  The sobriquet of a ‘living Constitution’ was not to be squared to stare decisis?  Period.  This was the face of the new fascism, albeit one draped in the cloth of benevolent govmint!

What did the culture war bequeath to anyone listening or watching TV?  A steady diet of vitriol and wild oversimplification was enough to spoil any vote.

If anything, this character assassination prepared Oliver North as he dismantled Congress   and sought to protect the separation of powers and the integrity of the Executive from ‘the dog and pony show’ called Congress.

Rest in Peace.  Finally.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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