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What Happened At The Fiscal Cliff

Ok, you’re sick of it.  So let me put it straight and simple.  What was agreed upon during the so called negotiation immediately before the ‘fiscal cliff’ was a tax increase disguised as tax reform. Try not to laugh.  Its … Continue reading

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A Flock Of Doves: Requiem For American Power

Robert Bartley would’ve been proud of the Wall St. Journals editorial recently, for it elaborated on the reasoning why Obama chose Kerry for State and Hagel for Pentagon. The reason is simple:  both men embody a diminished vision of an … Continue reading

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2013: The Year The Liberal Dream Died

Remember the song, “The Day the Music Died?”  I think its a fair bet to say that 2013 will be the year the liberal dream died. Let’s take a look. If the election of the first black President would mark … Continue reading

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War Power Reversal

If hypocrisy paid a dividend, team Obama would be rolling in dough.  This President continues to vindicate the anti-terror strategy of his predecessor, G.W. Bush.  The recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 demonstrates where team Obama’s … Continue reading

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The FED, Buzz Ben and QE ‘To Infinity and Beyond’: The Update

For those who adamantly follow the inner machinations of the Federal Reserve, you know that a few distinct brave members have not given Buzz Ben an imprimatur to continue printing money (quantitative easing QE), we’re beginning to witness the vocal … Continue reading

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