2013: The Year The Liberal Dream Died

Remember the song, “The Day the Music Died?”  I think its a fair bet to say that 2013 will be the year the liberal dream died.

Let’s take a look.

If the election of the first black President would mark the beginning of a redemptive moment in American History, four years later, the fantasies are gone.  The utopian promises of the first years achievements have still yet to play out.

Welcome to the sequester.  We’re broke!

If the taste of Obamacare, bailouts, continuous financial stimuli and printing money haven’t yet tempered your realism, pay attention to the next several months for Congress plans to check the President.  Yes, I know, as of today team Obama has got the leverage on any long game, but my monies on Congress.


We have all the signs of a true impending financial crisis domestically.  An Iran within inches of gaining a nuclear weapon, weak coalitions and a resurgent Islamism throughout the world.

Who want’s to govern as an Executive now?

Remember Clinton’s talk of a 5 am phone call?

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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