War Power Reversal

If hypocrisy paid a dividend, team Obama would be rolling in dough.  This President continues to vindicate the anti-terror strategy of his predecessor, G.W. Bush.  The recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 demonstrates where team Obama’s core convictions lay.

Team Obama wants a ‘Unitary Executive’, the very one enunciated by Dr. John Yoo at Stanford.  The same ‘pariah’ that was eviscerated by liberal media and a pliant Congressional class that sought a loss in Iraq and a weakened executive as Bush!  For those old enough to remember the Boland Amendments and the Contra’s, well. . . you get the point.

Now an ultra liberal President seeks the very standards he refused Bush.

Separation of Powers doctrine?  With a liberal Congress the answer is yes.  But now we’ve got a Conservative GOP dominating the House, “WE CAN’T HAVE CONGRESS INTERFERING WITH THE EXECUTIVE!” (Cue the bed wetting beltway caucus.)

What about the power of the purse or Gitmo detainees?  What of Hamdan & Boumediene on military tribunals inviting Congressional-Executive cooperation?

Try not to laugh, but team Obama want the privileges that his political class so desperately wanted to deny his predecessor.

Other than practical reasons, the ideological ones rank of blowhard hypocrisy.  How else to explain that after having blown up the federal budget team Obama now retains economic stewardship while capturing the moral high ground on all matters fiscal?

If the entrails of the fiscal cliff are examined, we’d discover that Obama is so tied to his own ideological bias he’s unable and unwilling to discipline his own party.  It remains to be seen if Obama’s idea of a sequester plays favorably for him.  My guess is it can’t.  What this reader must know is this:  we’re already in our second year of sequester.  From January 2013 forward its all about entitlements.

For the realists who read this blog, we acknowledge that this kind of debt is a moral failure.

You’ve to got admit it: the perch of self appointed guardians is high.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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