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How To Understand The Chinese Political Economy: A Brief Overview

Sinic Civilization exhausted itself as evidenced by the late 19th century.  It simply had no more intellectual nor spiritual reserves (ideas) from which to grapple with the encroachments that became the Imperial Powers.  Certainly by the early 20th century it … Continue reading

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Caudillo Chavista Meets Jesus

The death of Hugo Chavez is a reminder that the soft underbelly of the American Imperium is Central/South America.  Reagan understood this better than most American Presidents.  The social/political trajectory of governments unalloyed from the Protestant Reformation has always been … Continue reading

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Capitan Crunch Meets Fiscal Crunch: Federal Reserve Becomes a Ward of Treasury

President Obama is Capitan Crunch!  We’ve hit the dangerous benchmark of 80% GDP-debt-ratio that historically sends most nation states down the fiscal path of bankruptcy; remember the Pound Sterling and the end of British Empire? How does this happen? Well, … Continue reading

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What Ails Amerika: The Fix is In

The numerous monetary and institutional constraints that continue to roll out as crisis’ don’t really speak to what really ails Amerika, namely our insurmountable fiscal political disorder that has become American liberalism. The tipping point usually begins when Treasury debt-to-GDP … Continue reading

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