Caudillo Chavista Meets Jesus

The death of Hugo Chavez is a reminder that the soft underbelly of the American Imperium is Central/South America.  Reagan understood this better than most American Presidents.  The social/political trajectory of governments unalloyed from the Protestant Reformation has always been authoritarian.  Just look at any relief map, any nation state that came into contact with Protestantism is a first world country.  Those that came into contact with the French have suffered in brutal utopian genocidal governments.  Any look at Africa and you can witness this divide.

Chavez and his utopian, revolutionary cronies are no different.  He embodied a movement whose origin played out in 1789.  The patrimony of Rousseau and Robespierre leads to Pol Pot, Stalin and Castro.  Their names are legion!  So are the grievances which fortify their political passion for utopian revolution.

Today, that revolutionary pathos has been taken up by Teheran.  The Mullahs are in Central/South America, they’re even in Mexico; the narco-terrorism that has always paid well throughout the sub-continent has found a home in South America.  Chavez welcomed them.  We should be happy he’s dead, but I am afraid that we here in the west continue to suffer from a complete lack of fortitude; our intellectual laziness isn’t paying dividends!  Any look at Chavez and his utopian revolutionary matrix reveals the empty promises that animate all failed revolutionaries.

The axis between Iran and Venezuela began in 2001, Iran’s President Muhammad Khatami paid a state visit to Caracas where relations grew upon the agreement that Iran would be enabled to use Venezuelan Uranian.  Unless we’ve forgotten, the Mullahs are encircling us, we play checkers, they play chess.

Yes, we’ve taken his oil; when Chavez took office, his oil was $10 a barrel, before he died it was $150.  Its called quantitative easing and we have the Federal Reserve to thank for exporting inflation (its always seen in commodities first, especially oil, just ask Nixon, Kissenger and Robert Bartley who divined the relation between OPEC & the failure that became Bretton-Woods.)  All that money bought him influence abroad.  Yes, failed American political leadership strengthened the hand of Teheran throughout Central/South America.  We should accept the fact that Chavez used his time wisely forging relations with Syria, FARC in Columbia and North Korea.  Closer to home he financed Shia narco-terrorism throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Cuba.  The entire Carib Basin was agitated.  For those readers familiar with El Salvador and the Satanic Socialist drive throughout the region during the second term of Reagan were not surprised at how Chavez embodied repeated Soviet forays into the soft American underbelly.

We should note that Peru, Chile, Mexico have embodied political reforms consistent with the Reagan Revolution!  Mexico, for the very first time in her history is growing a middle class!  But the disgruntled passionate politics of the Caudillo still resonates.

We’ll have to wait for the arrival of the success that is to become Mexico, Peru and Chile before we can constrain the learned thuggery pioneered by Chavez.

Damn the man, for his people suffered.  And the Pax Americana is weakened!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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