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Pope Francis: Opening Moves

Its safe to say that Francis is quickly moving to admonish those within the Roman Curia (Court), a backstabbing, Borgia-like bureaucracy known for advancing agendas that have little to do with its original mission.  (Max Weber wrote centuries earlier how … Continue reading

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The Employment Impact of Obama-Care

Everyone knows that higher minimum wage laws add to higher rates of unemployment.  If the State forces employers to hire at a specific wage, they simply decline to hire anyone.  The liberty of contract that underwrote so much of our … Continue reading

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The Impact of a Weak President: The Persian Mullah’s Thrust Forward

On the ground at least, the Americans look extremely weak. Last week, Tehran announced it installed 3,000 highly advanced generation centrifuges known as IR-2m, this was done at Natanz, its principal uranium enrichment site.  They are smaller, faster and more … Continue reading

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The Charm Offensive & The Obama Budget, What It Portends

The President failed.  His turn around to engage Congress portends that a rude political education is taking place while on the job. Let’s explain. First, whoever runs the House runs Washington. Secondly, the differences between both political parties budgets are … Continue reading

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Alexis Tocqueville: How Revolutions Begin

Its clear from anyone who’s spent time studying Arnold Toynbee’s oeuvre (pronounced ‘you’ve-ray’ meaning, a body of work), that he was inspired from the work of Alexis Tocqueville, especially Tocqueville’s study of the origins of the French Revolution and its … Continue reading

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Specialization & The Cowardice It Produces: Academic Pusillanimity

Arnold Toynbee’s “Study of History” has extensive notation on the impact that is specialization.  Typically, specialization has no consequences, except when you live in an age of disruption like ours!  Specialization has social, political consequences.  Any brief look at writers … Continue reading

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John Cochrane on Hayek & Federal Reserve’s Independence?

When Hayek wrote his famous ‘The Constitution of Liberty‘ he admonished those who were naiveté to think that a Central Bank could be independent, especially in a political town like Washington.  Any brief look at the writings of Dr. Allan … Continue reading

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