Pope Francis: Opening Moves

Its safe to say that Francis is quickly moving to admonish those within the Roman Curia (Court), a backstabbing, Borgia-like bureaucracy known for advancing agendas that have little to do with its original mission.  (Max Weber wrote centuries earlier how the original missions of large institutions change over time to envelop if not destroy their original missions.)  George Bush, like Nixon and Reagan before him got schooled on how bureaucratic fiefdoms wield disproportionate power outside their mandates; dare I say the whole dam thing nearly came ‘undone’ with Iraq before Petraeus.

Cleaning out the Augean Stables will be easy for a monarchy.  That’s the easy part.  A closer look reveals the need for a deft eye and voice.  The Catholic Church’s demography has shifted to the southern hemisphere, this includes central Africa and South/Central America.  He must envelop the movement that has constrained the Church in these regions, namely Evangelical Protestantism.  Will institutionalized Catholics learn to minister to their people?  It remains to be seen.

Francis has his work cut out for him.  He must address the flailing Fascist Kleptocracies that dominate the Southern hemisphere while addressing a resurgent Islamic militancy like Francis of Assisi did in his meeting and mentoring of Sultan Malik al-Kamil.

I think Francis will surprise us, and infuriate others.

Urbi et Orbi  (to the city and the world).

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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