Specialization & The Cowardice It Produces: Academic Pusillanimity

Arnold Toynbee’s “Study of History” has extensive notation on the impact that is specialization.  Typically, specialization has no consequences, except when you live in an age of disruption like ours!  Specialization has social, political consequences.  Any brief look at writers like Toynbee, Hayek, Ludwig von Mises or Peter Drucker and you’ll discover a field of intelligibility, a horizon from which to draw past the cowardice that is inculcated in entire Civilizations that demand or shape specialization.  In a sentence:  specialization procures cowards.

During a recent talk at the Henry Jackson Society in London, the great militant atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins excoriated the theology that underwrote the entire Judeo-Christian Tradition.  When asked if he thought the same of Islam, he. . . well. . . he ducked it!

The world’s most celebrated militant atheist/ethicist had nothing to say of contemporary Islam:  its beheadings, child brides and honor killings!!

Enough said!

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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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