The Employment Impact of Obama-Care

Everyone knows that higher minimum wage laws add to higher rates of unemployment.  If the State forces employers to hire at a specific wage, they simply decline to hire anyone.  The liberty of contract that underwrote so much of our previous domestic Imperium is lost.

Obama-Care will to add to a weakened Union.

The impact of Obama-Care is job-sharing.  Across different businesses workers are working full-time but at different job sites.  These people are called 29ers.

Workers will fill in part-time hours and then move on to another site fulfilling a second personal quota of part-time work.

The damages will not be limited to franchises or fast food.  Many industries are deciding not to hire full-time at all.  Studies confirm this at Mercer Consulting & the Hudson Institute.  Obama-Care mandated fines will add to the unemployment rolls.  It comes down to an added $52 an hour for each employer per employee.

Reagan was right, you can’t be for big govmint and still be for the ‘little guy.’

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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