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Lenin’s Train: A Prostrate Russia, An Exhausted Near East & Nuclear Iran

What does a 1917 train ride from Geneva financed by German partisans portend for the Arab Spring? Lenin arrived at his Finland train station in 1917, where he quickly advanced a militant atheist, Socialist utopian agenda on an exhausted Russia. … Continue reading

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Iraq: In Retrospect

The canard that Iraq was a poorly conceived, executed endeavor that proved harmful to strategic U.S. interests is an insight that may be historically if myopically correct, yet completely misplaced.  Gone is the mention of numerously failed U.N. Resolutions; Saddam … Continue reading

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The Autopsy on the GOP Failure

John Podhoretz got it right when he exclaimed that the GOP’s autopsy report is group think disguised as sober insight.  By having failed in November 2012, the GOP has exposed a perennial intellectual weakness which will be fatal if not … Continue reading

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Team Obama In Israel: The Charm Offensive, The Makeup

I think a cynical view of team Obama’s motivation for an Israeli engagement is justified. This man and his views have no love for the strategic environment from which the Israeli’s live.  After losing numerous domestic political battles, the press … Continue reading

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Sinic Cynicism: Floating Pigs & Pollution

Whenever “The National Peoples Congress” meets we should expect that serious political, social introspection be hampered in the interest of demonstrative unity. While the Chinese political class continues to hum Kumbaya, many noted the 6,000 floating pig carcasses that continue … Continue reading

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The Mind of Obama

What does Obama seek? He wants unimpeded reach the last two years in office. How does he achieve this? He continues his failed ‘charm offensive’ beginning in Israel, hoping to win midterm elections.  My thoughts on this maneuver won’t inspire … Continue reading

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Saad Mohseni: The Afghan Promise

September 11, 2001 brought Afghanistan back into the minds of most Americans.  Ever since Reagan’s policy of training and funding the Mujahideen to inflict pain on the Soviets, both Afghanistan and the political necessity for limited war receded from the … Continue reading

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Cyprus: The Crisis

Using public money to shore up ill-liquid banks is the problem. The Cypriot political class has decided to play for time:  not good! Here’s the good news:  what Brussels decided to do was overt, it just didn’t prepare the population … Continue reading

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Why/How The Euro-Union Continues To Lose: A Brief History/Overview

Milton Friedman, Bernard Connolly, John Taylor and Robert Mundell were the first writers in their respective fields of macroeconomics to anticipate fundamental, structural errors underwriting the Eurozone charter.  The complete lack of enforcement controls regarding debt, deficits or depreciation; the … Continue reading

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