Lenin’s Train: A Prostrate Russia, An Exhausted Near East & Nuclear Iran

What does a 1917 train ride from Geneva financed by German partisans portend for the Arab Spring?

Lenin arrived at his Finland train station in 1917, where he quickly advanced a militant atheist, Socialist utopian agenda on an exhausted Russia.  It couldn’t have been tried earlier, for the political and social contortions of Russian society were flummoxed from all sides.  The Russian Revolution was imposed on the remnants of Czarist Russia.  A Russia that couldn’t achieve social symmetry.  It simply could not digest the French utopian ideals that animated its intelligentsia.

When Lenin arrived in 1917 he found a completely exhausted, prostrate Russia.

That’s how it began.

If we’re not careful in how we handle the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially its plans to scuttle the political and social framework, the architecture of peace between Egypt and Israel, we should anticipate a rising Caliphate analogous to Lenin’s train ride into Russia 1917.  For a nuclear armed Iran could very well bring a Soviet style envelopment to the entire Near East.

It’s happening now already.  We must have a dog in this fight.

Tehran wants to dominate the entire Near East, beginning with the Persian Gulf and its weak autocracies.  It seeks to display, to intimidate regional balances toward a hegemony favorable to Tehran.  It seeks energy resources, natural resources and most of all:  cultural supremacy.  It seeks to project power throughout the entire region while enveloping America from within, beginning on our southern hemisphere.  Iran already has proxies deep within South/Central America and Mexico.

No one other than Kenneith Pollack at the Brookings Institution has chronicled this drama better.  Iran has used the disorder of the Arab Spring to advance influence in areas largely Shiite; think Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon.  Its proxies have tentacles throughout the world, and not just for the mining of rare minerals!  The far eastern regions of Saudi Arabia have been hit with agitprop.

As Kenneth Pollack has written, the entire Near East looks like Central/Eastern Europe did at the dawn of the Cold War.  Although Truman managed to outmaneuver Stalin in Berlin, it was in Tehran that Truman was able to garnish diplomatic wins by outmaneuvering Stalin into Soviet concessions of Turkey and Greece.  The Americans knew their geography, for they wanted no Soviet presence on an south/eastern seaboard from the east.  (Think Darius and the Agean Persian Wars!)  Demographically and politially, Stalin knew he could not handle the post Ottoman ascendancy that became the self determination of peoples throughout the Balkan region.  Stalin was happy that indigenous Socialism found a home there instead.

As time wore on, the U.S. saw riots in East Germany, Poland and Hungary; a self imposed Socialism throughout the Balkan region, ending with the erection of the Berlin Wall.  When Stalin went nuclear, half of Europe was abandoned to Stalinism.

It would now fall to Solzhenitsyn, Reagan and Pope John Paul II to deliver the final blow.

We were lucky in that our leaders had tempered fortitude.

As the Iranians prove there mettle in advancing toward a faster breakout time, we need to understand our role in the arch that is unfolding from Tehran.

Will we permit the entire envelopment of the Near East, Persian Gulf region to nuclear fanatics?

Stalin was defeated in 50 years.  How long do we calculate the hegemony of Satanic Mullah’s?


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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