Sinic Cynicism: Floating Pigs & Pollution

Whenever “The National Peoples Congress” meets we should expect that serious political, social introspection be hampered in the interest of demonstrative unity.

While the Chinese political class continues to hum Kumbaya, many noted the 6,000 floating pig carcasses that continue to appear throughout Chinese rivers.

Wait it gets better.

Even though Beijing claims its a state secret, everyone knows the price China is willing to pay to maximize economic activity:  polluted rivers and eviscerated landscapes.  Independent studies show 90% Chinese rivers and underground water supply to be seriously contaminated.  Ditto for the heavy metals, poisonings and cancer that continues to exact its toll.

Recently, Kaifu Lee, a Chinese entrepreneur remarked:  “We’re the luckiest people in the world, we open a window and get a free smoke.”

Why should we expect a nation that cannot, will not honor human rights to constrain the environmental impact of unrestrained growth.  An economic, political regime that acknowledges no sphere of autonomy outside the mandates of Confucian control is bound to fail.

Chinese politics is to blame.  The complete lack of the rule of law is to blame.  Only a change in the political economy in Beijing will China embrace western thinking acknowledging the benevolence that is limited, enumerated power.

Without political reform, this frightening catastrophe will play out, to the detriment of both Chinese society and its natural resources.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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