Team Obama In Israel: The Charm Offensive, The Makeup

I think a cynical view of team Obama’s motivation for an Israeli engagement is justified.

This man and his views have no love for the strategic environment from which the Israeli’s live.  After losing numerous domestic political battles, the press corps decided to give team Obama a mulligan.  This is how we ended up in Israel, completely tone deaf, but engaged nonetheless.

The social, psychological and political overtones aren’t missed in Tehran, Beijing or Damascus.

We should acknowledge the following:  team Obama will ignore the only working democracy in the Middle East, he’ll not set foot in the Knesset, nor will he be seen in the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  And by not going to Al-Aqsa under Israeli supervision he sends a political message to Jordan’s King Abdullah II (who claims the right of protection of all Holy Muslim sites throughout Jerusalem.)

Let’s be blunt:  Obama is agnostic about any and all Israeli claims; strategic, historical or theological.

The most startling insight of this charm offensive:  the dangerous precedent that team Obama sets through CHANGING U.S. Foreign policy pertaining to Iran and its nuclear program.  The shift resides in a moving the ‘red line’ from preventing Iranian capabilities to preventing possession of a nuclear device.”  

None of this is lost to the Mullah’s.

By remaining agnostic about Iranian motivation, team Obama thinks it can drive a wedge into American foreign policy calculations.

This will not end well.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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