The Autopsy on the GOP Failure

John Podhoretz got it right when he exclaimed that the GOP’s autopsy report is group think disguised as sober insight.  By having failed in November 2012, the GOP has exposed a perennial intellectual weakness which will be fatal if not corrected, namely the insight of not having sufficiently motivated voting minorities, November’s low turnout hampered the GOP.

This is completely misplaced criticism and it reveals how intellectual errors, like psychological ailments, remain the most significant errors that the GOP must curtail if it is to compete successfully in the midterms.

The GOP must fix its harshly voiced criticism of conservatism.

It must fix its unwillingness to seek political alternatives; namely the heightened idolatry it gives to its own political class in D.C.

For its lack of conviction.  It failed.

For its lack of moral clarity regarding the impact of confiscatory taxation, currency depreciation, inflation:  it failed.

For being squeamish about the hardened policy convictions of the right:  it failed.

For its unwillingness to tackle the welfare state and its near satanic grip of dependency suffocating the gift that is independence, thrift and arduous labor.  It failed.

It will continue to fail as long as it continues to pursue and defend policies that are indistinguishable from liberal secularism.

It will continue to fail………………..

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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